Carriage Rules

«Rules of passengers conduct on board» are adopted by Limited Liability Company «I FLY» (hereinafter iFly) in order to ensure flight safety, prevention of public order disturbance and other violations committed on board of the aircraft and civil aviation surface facilities, as well as for enhancing passenger comfort.

These Rules are binding on all iFly passengers.

Besides, additional rules of carriage are applied:

for passengers with children for pregnant women for special needs passengers for passengers with pets Full text of the rules of carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo

Passengers are entitled to:

Passengers shall:

Passengers are forbidden to:

In the event of violation of these Rules,

the modern international air law, national legislation of 166 states (including the RF) that ratified the Convention on Crimes and Some Other Activities Performed on Board signed in Tokyo in 1963 and also the applicable Airline’s Rules of passengers conduct on board provide for:

Aircraft Pilot in command is entitled to:

Administrative and/or criminal actions can be brought against such persons in accordance with the RF laws and international law.

Passenger can get acquainted with these rules: