Baggage allowance

Free baggage allowance

Economy-class passenger is entitled to carry checked baggage with a weight of up to 20 kg plus 5 kg cabin baggage (exclusive of wheel-chair used by disabled passenger and other persons with reduced mobility). Business class passenger may carry up to 30 kg baggage and 10 kg cabin baggage free of charge.

Excess and oversized baggage

Passenger shall pay for carriage of excess baggage at the rate set by the Carrier and applicable at the time of payment. Transportation of oversized baggage, heavy baggage, working dogs, pets and birds is paid based on their actual weight according to the specified Carrier baggage rates, independently of other things of passenger, except for guide dogs accompanying a visually impaired passenger and wheelchairs used by a passenger with disabilities and other persons with reduced mobility.

If passenger presents for carriage more baggage than it was preliminarily agreed with the Carrier and paid for, such amount of baggage can only be accepted for carriage subject to free carriage capacity available on board of the aircraft and payment by the passenger.

The Carrier may limit carriage or deny carriage of passenger baggage with a weight exceeding the free baggage allowance set by the Carrier, if such carriage was not agreed with the Carrier in advance.

If passenger during the journey increases the weight and/or number of carried baggage items, he/she shall pay the carriage cost of baggage the weight and size of which exceed the free baggage allowances of the earlier paid freight. If passenger enroute reduces the weight of carried baggage, the Carrier shall not recalculate the previous freight.

During reservation of seat in aircraft or buying a ticket passenger shall advise the Carrier or its Agent about carriage of oversized baggage.

Oversized baggage is such baggage the sum of three dimensions of which exceeds 203 cm.

Oversized baggage is accepted for carriage provided the dimensions of loading hatches and baggage and cargo compartments of the aircraft permit its loading/unloading on/from the aircraft and placement on board. Such baggage shall have handles for carriage and fastenings in moving to/from aircraft and on board and means for its fastening.

The Carrier is entitled to deny acceptance of oversized baggage for carriage.

Excess baggage ticket confirms payment for excess baggage carriage by passenger.

Carriage of skis and snowboards.

iFly passengers travelling to Europe during winter period can carry skiing equipment for free in addition to the main baggage — a pair of alpine skis with ski poles or a snowboard with additional equipment (boots, helmets, snow goggles, special clothing) in a bag with a total weight not exceeding 15 kg per passenger. Please note that in one bag you can carry either one pair of alpine skis with ski poles or one snowboard.

Alpine skis, snowboard and additional equipment are carried only as checked baggage.

Should the weight of baggage, including the skiing equipment, exceed 35 kg and if passenger has the second equipment kit, payment is made according to the rules of excess baggage carriage.