Information about Using Online Services

Conditions of service provision. Payment by bank cards. Refund.

Refund of the paid service

1.1. If you want to change the conditions of your air carriage contract or cancel the carriage, the refund of money paid for the service is not allowed.

1.2. Involuntary refund of money paid for service will be made in case of involuntary cancellation of carriage by passenger and in the following cases when the service cannot be performed:

Note: Flight attendant must endorse boarding pass with respect to such seat change, sign it and affix a seal.

1.3. Forced refund for not provided service is made through the Central office of the Airline.

1.4. As evidence of involuntary refund passenger must present a passenger receipt for payment of miscellaneous charges in respect of the relevant service, bank slip in case of payment for services by Payment card and photocopy of boarding pass with the Airline employee’s endorsement concerning undelivered service on board of the aircraft.

1.5. When passenger addresses the Agent’s or Airline office for involuntary appeal, he/she must fill in an Application (Annex) for refund of the cost of additional service, attach a photocopy of boarding pass with the endorsement of Airline employee with respect to necessity to make a refund and bank slip in the event of payment for the services with Payment card.   Such application must be submitted no later than 2 (two) months after the flight for which the service was booked.

1.6. Refund may take up to 3 weeks after passenger’s application, subject to the inspection results and proper execution of the documents for such refund.

1.7. After processing of the refund within 10 calendar days the money will be returned to the card used to pay for the ticket.

Annex. Application (for information)

Bank card payment

We accept payment by Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro cards. You can pay for your booking or selected service by card during booking process, via call center and using services «My Account» and «Manage My Booking». You may have to go through 3D-Secure procedure, if the issuing bank supports such procedure.

Conditions of Service Provision:

— price is specified for one-way, number of seats for service provision is limited;
— conditions of service provision may differ, depending on the aircraft type;
— passenger seating may be changed in order to ensure flight safety.

Please note:

To ensure flight safety the booking of seats next to emergency exits is not permitted to the following passenger categories:

— disabled and sick passengers;
— passengers with baggage in the cabin;
— courier service and signals dispatch service officials;
— passengers with pets in the cabin;
— expelled/deported passengers;
— passengers transported under guard;
— pregnant woman;
— elderly passengers;
— passengers under 18 years old;
— passengers with child between 2 to 18 years;
— passengers with infant between 0 to 2 years;
— passengers who don’t speak Russian or English.

Passengers of the above listed categories who purchased the Service (seat next to emergency seat) in the cabin are subject to change of their seats without any refund of the service.

Refund of the service is made only in the following cases:  

— operational substituting the aircraft type when the Airline cannot provide an alternative seat;
— involuntary ticket exchange or  refund;
— in case of changing a seat of passenger during flight to another seat not referred to extra legroom seats in order to ensure aviation and flight safety.

Change of seat after payment by passenger for selected service and voluntary cancellation of selected service is prohibited.

In case of voluntary change of the terms of the air carriage agreement or voluntary refusal of the passenger from the carriage, the refund paid for the service is not made.