Can I carry a pet?

For transportation of pets in aircraft cabin the total weight of pet and container housing the pet shall not be more than 8 kg. Such pets shall be inside the containers (cages), the dimensions of container (cage) allow its placing under the passenger seat, the bottom shall be covered with absorbent material and during the flight the pet shall stay inside the container (cage). The passenger carrying a pet (bird) by air traffic shall have and present at check in the passenger Ticket valid documents (certificates) of health of the pet (bird) issued by the relevant authorities of veterinary medicine, as well as any other applicable documents required by the countries of flight or transit countries in case of international air traffic.

Pet (bird) carriage in the aircraft baggage compartment shall be performed subject to the following conditions: pet (bird) must be placed in hard container (cage or basket) of a proper size with air supply and secure lock. The container (cage or basket) bottom shall be waterproof and covered with absorbent material, with an edge over the perimeter preventing the spillage of the absorbent material. Bird cages shall be covered with thick light-tight fabric. The size of container/cage in total of three dimensions (length/height/width) shall not be more than 203 cm.

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