How many kilograms of baggage can I carry for free?

Economy-class passenger is entitled to carry checked baggage with a weight of up to 20 kg plus 5 kg cabin baggage, business class passenger may carry up to 30 kg baggage and 10 kg cabin baggage free of charge (the free baggage allowance). In case of charter flights the free baggage allowance is determined by a separate agreement between the Carrier and charterer.  Free baggage allowance data are entered into the automated booking systems. The Carrier on passenger’s request who travelling with common aim of travel to the same airport (point) of destination or airport (point) of stop over by the same flight (family members, persons who are travelling together or travelling to business trip) can provide pool bag for such passengers. Such pool bag is applicable only to the free baggage allowances. Baggage is checked in for each passenger individually.

The Carrier is entitled to deny carriage of baggage to a passenger in case its weight, number of pieces, contents, dimensions or package doesn’t meet the Airline requirements.

Through check-in baggage to the final destination in transit flights can be performed, provided that RF Government Regulation No. 637 dated July 10, 2014 “Concerning the simplified procedure of customs operations related to goods accepted by the air carrier for carriage in accompanied baggage” has been complied with.

Check-in passenger’s baggage as transfer baggage for transit flights is only possible if it contains no goods subject to customs declaring in writing, in accordance with the customs legislation of the Customs Union.

The above-mentioned customs declaring procedure does not exempt a passenger from his/her obligation to comply with other requirements of the customs legislation of the Customs Union and customs legislation of the Russian Federation.

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