What to do, if I need to make changes in the ticket?

Changes in the ticket at the passenger’s request are possible only by consent of the Carrier and introduced only by the Carrier or its authorized agent strictly in accordance with fare application rules.

  1. Can I carry a pet?
  2. What can I take with me on board?
  3. How long before departure should I come to the airport?
  4. What documents do I need to present at check in?
  5. How many kilograms of baggage can I carry for free?
  6. What is excess baggage?

Before Departure

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  • Baggage Allowance

    Free transport of luggage allowed in plane: not more than 20 kg per adult passengers.
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  • Meals on board

    The range of dishes.
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  • DutyFree goods on board

    10% discount on all products.
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A new service "Business-hall" is available.